i'm yatendra 👋

i love to build n ship tech products. wrote my first piece of code when 15 using turbo c++ and haven't stopped since.

flutter university

a place to learn flutter hands-on completely for free.


over 4.1k+ people enjoy reading my tech blogs on dev community


ai buddy

ai assistant to chat with pdf & images. open sourced (100+ github ⭐️).


a mobile app to simplify the twitter content creation process


mobile app that helps you create and mint one-of-a-kind NFT(s) with just a few taps.


app to scan ingredients behind packaged food and cosmetic products.


social media to share everyday progress on health, career or whatever

work exp

welltested ai

building flutterGPT, an open-sourced copilot for flutter developers.


worked on ai-powered writing assistant, similar to notion ai, using rust & flutter.

rocket chat

set up & optimised ci/cd and authored detailed contribution guidelines.

ernst & young

developed a poc project using node.js, mongoDB and mongoose.

noob community

developed & fixed multiple features end-to-end. helped in building mvp & launch.

some achievements :)

won ethforall 2023

9700+ developer over 70+ countries

google developers startup bootcamp

among top 82 startups out of 1500+

ernst & young scholar (season 8)

among 12 scholars out of 20k+

won smart india hackathon 2022

biggest hackathon in terms of no. of participants